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This love reading comes with a 15 tarot card pull Expressing the feeling 

of how you feel in your love relationship how your partner feels in the relationship if in any case there is a toxicity or hindrance between the two . Another love reading remaining the same price  will also describe love passion in the near future any doors or blockages between your love life with your twin flame , soul tie , soul bond , desire & soulmate contact for more information

Zodiac chart readings


Astrology readings is all about your chart and zodiac signs  your big 3 

you have a sun , moon and rising these take place on your birthday your birth time and birth month it is very important to know because your zodiac signs  can affect many personality traits, love life , love interest and more with compatibility .With current events going on such as a mercury retrograde effecting every zodiac sign and other events your zodiac is most common to your personality and what kinda  you prefer to be very fun and exciting to find out more about your chart if you don’t already know water , fire earth ,
AirAries Taurus Gemini Cancer LeoVirgo Libra Scorpius SagittariusCapricornus Aquarius Pisces


The most popular spell is a love spell this spell is mostly used to rekindle and recline an old relationship or 

repair a new relationship removing any unwanted energy & negativity in the relationship. Other spells that are commonly used are hex removals negativity removals n much more. Another popular candle is a finance candle this is a green candle that brings you good luck and good finances with some meditation. Most popular is the dead candle removing any negativity and sending it back to its sender such as jealous hindrance and toxicity that has been attached to your Aura call for pricing

These are usually the bodies nature way of telling you something is wrong contact if interested in more information

Candles can be used for many things such as finance, love, black magic, negativity removing candles are a more less expensive option then most other options but still are a good use the most popular candle is a twin flame candle is used to recline a twin flame bond and remove any third party from the relationship and relight your flame when you feel you and your twin flame connection is lighting out.


Spiritual detoxing is the most common used specializing in aura cleansing removing any hindrance , negativity , 

hex’s and more now a spiritual detox is mostly used when a negative energy is attached to your aura . Removing any negative energy spells and hex’s that has been but upon you or aura. How to know if you have a negative energy? Some things that our most common in that subject when it was been brought upon are random headaches, stomach pains , sleepless or rest less nights
These are usually the bodies nature way of telling you something is wrong contact if interested in more information